About Us

Welcom to Urns Creator!

We are Manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler supplier of Marble Onyx Stone, Wood and Biodegradable Natural Salt / Sand stone Cremation Urns, Funeral Urns, Ash Urns, Jade Urns, Memorial Vases, Funeral Vases, Name Plates and others crafts.

Marble Onyx urns are Handcrafted from solid raw stone Blocks & Boulders. All Natural Marble / Onyx materials offering distinct veining patterns and a unique beauty, which cannot be duplicated with man-made cultured marble. Each piece is beautifully unique. These urns are designed and crafted to be a great remembrance for your loved one.

Our Hand Turned Rose Wood Urns presents the ideal combination of simplicity and craftsmanship to honor your loved one.

Handcrafted from the healing salts of the Himalayas, these urns are 100% Biodegradable. When exposed to water, they will break down in approximately four hours. They are an ideal choice for burial at sea, lake burial, river burial, or even ground burial. Because Himalayan salt is a completely unique resource, color and finish will vary per piece.

Biodegradable Sand Stone Urns are for the nature lover inside you. Keeping your loved one in a biodegradable urn not only shows huge respect for Mother Nature but also lets your loved one’s ashes quickly become one with nature. An increasing number of people are turning to buy these biodegradable ones because of their environment-friendly attributes.